What We Do

Our Work

In and out of detention centers, courtrooms, foster homes, shelters, different schools and so on—our teens from hard places are frustrated and discouraged. Labels, diagnosis, work plans and programs, and still, no real change.


After all, a lot of well-intentioned people have worked a lot of systems and services to try to help them. So why are so many of these kids still stuck?

We believe that these young people have missed out on the core understandings: That humans are wired for relationship. That healthy living and wellness is a real thing. That learning the power of healthy, authentic relationship is a vital investment. And how each of us treats our own body matters. That our physical behaviors and habits impact our mental health and spiritual well-being. Mind, body and spirit–it’s all connected and it all matters.

Helping every teen internalize these core lessons and take responsibility for their own balanced healthy living is the foundation of our strategy.

Our Approach

How do we do it?

We practice what we preach and lean into relationships. Relationships are our lifeline. We are an ever-growing connected and intentional community. Our team includes trauma-competent caregivers, trained coaches, and behavioral experts.

We welcome and equip volunteers. We partner with families. We join with other organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals to forge an unconventional and comprehensive approach toward offering real change for every one of our young people.

We understand that change takes time and can only occur once the individual is ready to move. We provide our teens with an abundance of information, opportunity, and support as they take ownership over their personal growth and achievement.

Partnership and Collaboration

Our goal is to fortify each teen’s existing community as well as provide an abundance of opportunity to make new healthy connections that will support his or her path toward success. We come alongside public school systems, charter schools, and human service agencies in their efforts to support these young people in the least restrictive environment.

From large businesses to regular folks, our Villedge is made up of a variety of creative partnerships for one common goal— launching teens from hard places beyond the edge of their potential.

At the Center of Villedge

Who we are. What we do. All the time.

We run after the one.
We value our young people. We prioritize and pursue them. Always.

Relationships are Key.
Relationship is where the change happens. It always comes first.

Our words have power. Our actions speak louder.
Our words are tools build, teach and heal. We speak for the voiceless. Our actions are our follow-through.

We see the good.
We seek it, we own it, we teach it. We honor all people at all time. We keep it positive.

We aspire to live our fullest life.
No bumps on logs allowed. We will never stop growing. Together.

We keep it real.
We seek integrity and authenticity. We hold true to truth. We will deliver it with love and empathy. We will receive it with humility and maturity. And if something is funny, we laugh. Loudly.

We bounce back.
We shake it off and get back in the game. We are resilient. But we are not robots. Sometimes we need a hug.

We work the problem.
That’s right, like NASA. Creatively. And we get scrappy.

Ownership is mandatory.
We are a bunch of personal responsibility takers. Everyone participates in their own rescue.